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  • Integrated Photoelectric Smoke / CO Alarm and LED Strobe Light – A single unit can be installed, where previously a separate smoke / CO alarm and strobe light were needed. It requires only one electrical box, reducing labor costs and installation time. No relay required.
  • Low Profile Bright 177 Candela Strobe Light – Light level proven effective in warning those with hearing loss. Attractive low profile design.
  • Synchronized Flash Rates – Strobe flashes will automatically synchronize (flash at the same time) with other interconnected P4010ACLEDS-2 and/or P4010ACLEDSCO-2 alarms. Note: Will not synchronize during test mode
  • 120V Interconnect with 10-year Sealed Lithium Battery Backup – Will interconnect with up to 24 other Kidde devices. Battery backup provides 10 years of continuous protection. Note: battery backup will only power the smoke/CO alarm.
  • Voice Warning – Announces “Fire!” or “Carbon Monoxide!”
  • Ambient Light Sensing – Establishes Day/Night cycle and delays chirping during the night until the next day cycle begins.
  • Multi-function One Button Strobe Dome includes:
    • Hush® Feature – Temporarily silences nuisance alarms for up to 10 minutes (smoke must be present before Hush® is activated).
    • Test Feature – Simultaneously tests the unit’s electronics and verifies alarm operation.


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